Pixie Kit
Pixie Kit
Pixie Kit

Pixie Kit

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A complete JBD utility gauntlet includes the Pixie tube; a cute compact little chugger and the newest addition to the Jerome Baker arsenal.  All this comes packed perfectly in our iconic lunchbox.  Every piece of glass is hand made in our Las Vegas studio, this makes every single piece one of a kind; yours WILL NOT resemble the picture, but will carry the same caliber of art as well as fit the uniform dimensions specified for this model.


1 Pixie- Uni-bubble flower tube; 8-10" tall, 38mm dia, heavy wall, fumed

1 Lunchbox (Girls and Tubes)

2 Standard Flower Bowls

1 Small Round Moodmat

1 Striped Calumet

1 5 card GPK collectors pack

1 Fix it Kit - 2 silicone grommets and 3 silicone O-rings

1 Pixie Dowstem

1 Conversion Kit

5 Glass Tips

2 Stickers