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An interview qith Jason Harris " Jerome Baker " at Fohse Media

Jason Harris is an industry-leading and long-time glassblower in the United States, advocating for cannabis culture. Jerome Baker regularly creates durable glass-blown products and custom-designed pieces made to order using their perfected-over-time process. In episode 6, Jason shares stories of past celebrity client pieces and their backstage event attempt to sell products throughout the years.  

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Giant NFT Tube By Jerome Baker Auctioned Off For $150,000

Las Vegas, Nevada - At 4:20PM PT on 4/20/2022, the auctioning of the world’s first NFT tube closed with a final bid by a private investor for $150,000. Since EthDenver 2022, Jerome Baker Designs (JBD) has been privately auctioning off the 5 foot NFT Tube, known as ‘Burnt Orange.’ “The auction of Burnt Orange confirmed the suspicions I’ve had since 2017,” said JBD founder Jason Harris. “We wrote an internal white paper back then during the ICO mania about how we would tokenize our business, and just recently NFTs showed us a path forward in a manner with which I was comfortable and created a community. We’ve been working on it all year so far, and this auction really is...

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