Jerome Baker NFT Program, Powered by Klik

Introducing the Jerome Baker Designs Glass Authentication Program – your ticket to ensuring the authenticity of your prized glass pieces while unlocking a world of exclusive benefits. Here's how it works:

  1. Authentication: Owners of existing JBD glass pieces can have their treasures authenticated by our expert JBD team. Once verified, your glass becomes an official part of the JBD family.

  2. JB Klik Tag: As proof of authenticity, you'll receive a genuine JB Klik Tag, specially designed to permanently affix to your glass. It's the mark of true craftsmanship and originality.

  3. Value-Based Levels: Your glass's value determines your entry into exclusive JBD clubs, such as the Gold Owners Club, Platinum Owners Club, or Diamond Owners Club. Reach the value thresholds described earlier, and you'll unlock a whole new world of privileges.

  4. Exclusive Bonuses: Depending on your club level, you could qualify for incredible bonuses, including trips to the JBD Factory for an up-close look at glass artistry in action, access to private JBD events, and much more.

The Jerome Baker Designs Glass Authentication Program not only safeguards your glass's authenticity but also elevates your ownership experience to a whole new level. Join the ranks of passionate collectors and become a part of the JBD legacy today.