Jerome Baker F*ckin' Token

Enhance your Jerome Baker Glass purchase with the exclusive Jerome Baker F*ckin Token (JBFT) program, powered by Klik. Elevate your collector experience by ensuring the authenticity of your prized glass pieces with a Klik Pass Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Klik lets you use your JBFTs to access exclusive content and other exclusive benefits. Your Klik Pass NFT let's each piece comes to life in the digital realm, creating a unique connection between your physical glass and its digital counterpart. The more you have, the more you get!

Members of the JBFT community unlock access to exclusive benefits:

  • Complete Proof of Authenticity
  • Early Access to new glass/art releases
  • Access to Members Only Merchandise.
  • Private JBFT Members Only Glass Local Glass Blowing Events
  • Exclusive entry to the JBD Owners Club Las Vegas Lounge Experience
  • Collect Multiple JBFTs for Entry into Crazy Drawings- Custom Glass, Vegas Trips 7 More!
  • Secret Content & Monthly 'Blaze & Praise'

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