JBD Canna

After three decades of crafting exquisite glass, one of the planet's premier cannabis brands now graces the top-shelves of discerning enthusiasts. Jerome Baker, hailed for its world-renowned functional glass since '91, boasts accolades and clientele like Clooney and Snoop. Now, they're unleashing that meticulous artistry into your local dispensary with deluxe cannabis pre-rolls.
Spark it up, and you'll savor a slow, even burn, relishing the rich notes of the finest craft cannabis. We blaze our stash just like you do. Like you, we mind what enters our bodies. That's why JBD cultivators select top-tier genetics, harvesting only the mightiest plants.
Load your JBD glass with our curated cannabis. Feel it roll smoothly, the terpenes dancing on your palate—skunk upfront, fruit on the aftertaste. Sit back, embrace the ride.
JBD heralds a cannabis era. Trust in a brand you know. CEO Jason Harris globe-trotted for premium genetics, hobnobbing with the strain originators. He's now joined forces with elite growers, ensuring nationwide access to the prime flower he cherishes. It's a voyage into cannabis excellence, a journey to savor.