Jerome Baker Designs, a full-service glass blowing entity steeped in the ever-expanding  market of herbal healing in America today, this
week announced they are going to use their established affiliate network to offering you an extract line of our own. Partnered with Errl Hill farms we present to you the first ever JBD official Live Resin. 

NOTHING SOLD HERE ONLY AVAILABLE AT LICENSED DISPENSARIES IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA!!! Please Visit The Sanctuary Located at 2500 Grand Ave. Sacramento, CA for purchasing. (The Sanctuary is a licensed Medical and Recreational Dispensary in the State of California, See their website for more details)

From humble beginnings in a cramped dorm room, to over 70 employees and a
multi-building campus, and then the massive injustice that Jerome Baker Designs will begin its launch into the Cannabis market with three different strains of Live Resin, Provided by Errl Hill: Squirt, Forbidden Fruit, and Soulmate. 
“Since our founding in 1991, we have always had deep roots in all legal herbal and herbal ancillary markets,” said Jason Harris, Founder and Owner of Jerome Baker Designs. “As of late, the industry is exploding in popularity in the United States, and as a company that has always been supportive, we want to be at the forefront of its expansion.”

Spread the word on the official launch of our affiliate
network and products. And don't Forget to visit The Sanctuary!