Jerome Baker Designs will officially launch our series of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) tied to corresponding physical assets on February 15, when we will be auctioning off one NFT bong at the Church of Cannabis during EthDenver in Denver, Colorado.

We are elated to create a community by leveraging NFT technology. NFTs cement a connection to the art, functioning as a certificate of authenticity that can create value beyond the art itself thanks to the power of smart contracts.

Glass lends itself perfectly to NFT art. Glassblowing is a one-time effort that cannot be replicated. Early JBD NFT phygital (physical-digital) bongs will be unique assets.

When they change hands on the secondary market, the whole world can see where the bong has been and where it is going. 

NFTs also represent a documented experience of the creation of that artwork. It’s like buying a pair of Jordans. If you ever want to sell them, you might need the packaging in perfect condition.

The NFT can be a certificate of authentication and the artwork acts as the package. JBD Series 1 NFT will be from the Burnt Orange Collection, a collection of translucent bright orange glass bongs.

The owner of the Series 1 Burnt Orange NFT will be grandfathered into all subsequent JBD community benefits, as well as receive early notices of coming JBD NFT drops. We have a lot planned for our community members, especially owners of our early phygital NFT bongs, such as Burnt Orange. 

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