NEW!!! Jerome Baker Proof of Ownership & Membership Token

NEW!!! Jerome Baker Proof of Ownership & Membership Token

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Elevate your collection with the JB Owners Club Klik Pass- A genuine NFT that is physically linked to authentic Jerome Baker Designs handmade glass and authorized merch. With Tap4Token's cutting-edge Klik Tag technology, your Jerome Baker NFT serves as the ultimate proof of authenticity. Just hold a phone over the Tap4Token Holographic Label and launch into an ever evolving world of content, events and merch!

More than that, you get access to a range of benefits- and the more Jerome Baker you own, the more you get! All JBFT Token holders get:

  • Private Tour Access at The Las Vegas Dream Factory & a Free Members Only piece when you visit!*
  • Dial into the Dream Factory Live Stream and say hi to the team with out members only forums. 
  • Access to members only pieces and merch,
  • Early Access to new pieces
  • Members only discount pass- get up to 25% off your next order!
  • Access to contests to win custom glass pieces, Vegas trips and more!
  • Early access to local events with the JBD Glassblowing Team when we're in town!
  • Coming Soon: Specialized insurance for JBD glass!
  • The more JBD pieces in your collection, the more you get!
  • Get to Platinum or Diamond level with our most exclusive pieces and gain access to amazing perks- private meet and greets with founder Jason Harris, members only events, custom made luxe glass pieces and much more!

All Jerome Baker Certified pieces and merch come with an exclusive Top4Token secure NFC chip- just tap your phone and connect to your unique NFT! Instantly gain access to exclusive content and benefits with just a tap- only on genuine JBD!

As an owner of a genuine JBD Piece you know you are getting some of the finest glass ever made, now you can also get some of the best benefits! Download the Klik Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play to see exclusive content, live stream from the Dream Factory and other unique benefits reserved only for JBFT Klik Pass holders.  

*Some restrictions apply